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UNIT 3 Projects in conversation with: 
Jennifer Farmer, 2013

terra firma, 2012

Inspired by the question 'what is it to be new', terra firma is a collaboration with visual artist Pamela Carr and is a split screen video exploration of when innocence becomes knowledge and every experience leads to a new unknown.  Using two cameras to create two real-time perspectives, terra firma captures the primal moment of when everything is new and the realisation that one's boundaries aren't as limitless as first believed.


terra firma premièred at the 2013 Hackney WickED festival.

Waltzing Tomatoes, 2013


Exploring connection and distance, tension and fragility in public and private spaces, Waltzing Tomatoes examines the trust, confidence and focus needed to move against the tide. And then again, it is also about how wonderful it is to dance with someone you love while holding on to your tomatoes.


Commissioned by and premièring at ATHICA (Athens Institute of Contemporary Art, USA) in 2013, Waltzing Tomatoes has since been screened in such festivals as Wotever DIY Film Festival (2014), International Black Women's Film Festival (USA, 2014), Cookhouse Space, Chelsea (2015), OUTsider Film and Arts Festival (USA, 2015) BFI Flare Library (2015) and Glitch (2015), SQIFF (2015) and online in Marco Polo Arts Magazine.

A collaboration with Samuel Overington.

.54, 2011

Taking inspiration from a 54 second video clip of J. Robert Oppenheimer, .54 features participants who have just destroyed something precious to them filmed for 54 seconds after the act of destruction.  In this time, they attempt to repeat Oppenheimer's speech.  Though the act of destruction is not documented and remains a secret between the participant and me, their re-enactments stand as testament to acts of destruction, the weight of power and the shock of the deed.


.54 premièred in oneforone, an exhibition in which 18 diverse artists working in performance to painting, installation to sculptural photography, were challenged to create a new piece in response to a stimulus provided anonymously by a fellow artist.  oneforone was shown simultaneously at Stour Space and The View Tube in 2011.

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