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“Sometimes radio hands you everything on a plate; other times you have to work for your entertainment. Jennifer Farmer's play clean definitely requires a little effort. At the centre of the drama is Grace Wint, a thirtysomething crack addict with two kids, going through rehab and dreaming of building a normal life. We hear Grace's children, loving Joe and resentful Yasmin, and her mother, saddled with bringing them up just when she expected to be living her own life, but the main voice is that of Grace herself, wounded, bewildered and self-centred. It's a bumpy ride, as Grace jumps from subject to subject, but you'll be glad you stuck with her.” - The Guardian


clean was directed by Jeremy Mortimer and first broadcast in 2003 on BBC Radio 3.

A Million Different People

"Who I am isn't in some file in the Public Records Office."

“A Million Different People is a fun little thing, which is no mean feat for an existentialist drama. The heroine is a club promoter - and an artists' model and a popcorn seller and a minicab dispatcher and a bus driver and a toilet cleaner and a charity fundraiser. You can call her Josephine - and Peaches and Renee and Martha and Maria and Dee Dee and Pepper-Ann.. For the past five months, ever since she lost her memory, she has been trying on one personality after another, in the hope that one might fit. This may strike you as a roundabout approach - but she is more interested in what she likes and how she feels than in where she used to live and what people used to call her.” - The Guardian

A Million Different People was directed by Jeremy Mortimer for BBC Radio 4 and first broadcast in 2005.

SKINNY FLY Krupinskus Redulus Armonus


Drawing/audio installation collaboration with Silvia Krupinska,


Using her own skin to create the wings of the fly,  are made from Silvia's own skin


SKINNY FLY (Krupinskus Redulus Armonus) premièred in Organicities at DEBUT Contemporary Gallery in 2011.



delay debuted at DegreeArt in 2013

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